The majority of our beef is from Beef Shorthorn cattle, which are known for excellent marbling through the meat, leading to superb eating quality. We have a small suckler herd with a pedigree Shorthorn Bull Wavendon Gulf Stream, known on the farm as Vernon.

We are proud to announce that in a taste test of British Traditional Breeds run by Country Life Magazine (Feb 2009), our Shorthorn Beef was placed 2nd out of the eleven breeds tasted.

Following slaughter at a local small family run abattoir all beef is hung for a minimum of three weeks for maximum flavour and tenderness.


Our pork comes from traditional breeds of pigs, mainly large blacks & saddlebacks – many are reared in small wooded areas on the farm.

Other breeds such as Gloucester Old Spot and Oxford Sandy & Blacks are also reared at times. Check the board in our shop to find out which breed we are currently using.


Lamb is sourced as locally as possible with the majority coming from Cartwright Farms at Turvey.

Rose Veal

Rose veal, supplied by Midshires Veal of Warwickshire, is welfare friendly veal with the calves reared in open straw yards and allowed access to roughage to eat. This gives the meat a pinker colour than the intensively reared continental veal. We have a selection of cuts available including joints, osso bucco and escallops.


Bacon & Gammon is supplied by Oakley Brothers of Flitton, Beds, bacon processors since 1875. Using bacon cured with the Wiltshire cure, the bacon is then smoked in traditionally built brick stoves. Smoked & unsmoked always available or why not try the Molasses Cured Black Back Bacon?