We have been producing high quality Christmas turkeys in Stagsden for over 60 years, supplying local customers and butchers with probably the tastiest turkeys in the area.

We buy all our turkeys in as day old chicks and then rear them to six weeks under heat lamps and then they are moved out into large barns with plenty of fresh air, some yards are half open to the weather, wind, rain or sun. We don’t rear out in the fields because of the fields around the farm are extremely heavy boulder clay, which would be very uncomfortable for them in wet weather.

They have deep straw beds, which are refreshed three times a week so they are always on clean straw and they have 24 hour access to food and water. Visiting turkey experts often comment that they are the happiest looking turkeys they’ve ever seen.

We have a variety of breeds and ages of bird to provide the widest possible weight range for our customers at Christmas to suit orders from a couple of people to a large family gathering.

We also produce about 8,000 heavy stag (male) turkeys each year which go into the catering trade; that turkey on the pub carvery next Sunday may just be one of ours!