We have about 70 cattle on our farm, the nucleus is a small herd of suckler cows, we then use our pedigree Beef Shorthorn bull “Wavendon Gulfstream”, known on the farm as Vernon, to produce Beef Shorthorn cross calves. Our cows normally calve in two groups either in early spring or early autumn, the calves then stay with their mothers for about 6 months.

To supplement our own stock, we also buy in Beef Shorthorn cattle from some of the top pedigree herds in the country. These cattle are purchased as weaned calves (no longer having their mothers’ milk) and then reared alongside our own animals.

Our cattle graze in our fields from spring until late autumn and then during the winter, when the weather turns cold and the ground becomes wet and muddy, they are moved inside into large straw bedded barns. While housed they are feed on silage and a home mixed cereal ration using our own grain.

They are normally ready for slaughter between twenty-four and thirty months, when we take them to a small local slaughterhouse.