We farm 384Ha (950 acres), in Bedfordshire and North Buckinghamshire. We grow a rotation of wheat, oilseed rape and beans on most of the land and have about 20 Ha grassland on which we graze the cattle in the summer months. Our land is mainly chalky boulder clay and winter grazing would cause too much damage to the land. We also have 20Ha of headlands and five miles of public rights of way!

Most of the wheat crops we grow are of soft milling varieties, suitable for biscuit and cereal manufacture; in fact about half our production goes to Weetabix in Burton Latimer, Northants.

The oilseed rape (bright yellow flowers in April and May) is used as a vegetable oil in the manufacture of a wide variety of foods.

John Deere Tractor & SprayerWe do all the field work ourselves and have a range of tractors and equipment to do this. We are gradually having sat nav systems installed in the tractors, this helps us work more efficiently, making full use of the equipment, by avoiding overlap of seed, sprays and fertilizer.

We work to improve wildlife habitats on field margins and headlands and are part of a defra Environmental Stewardship scheme.

On our fields we regularly see hares and deer from Muntjac to the occasional red. The diversity of bird life is gradually increasing with sky lark numbers on the up and also their distribution across the farm. Hardly a day goes by without seeing some Kestrels and Buzzards and also the occasional Red Kite.