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Apologies for the lack of updates about what we have been upto on the farm but we have been busy getting the harvest in, then getting the ground prepared for the next crop, and then sowing it.

For us harvest starts with silage which is grass that is rolled up into big bales and then wrapped in airtight plastic to preserve it for use as feed for the cattle over winter.  Then we cut a small area of grass which is turned over a few times over 3 or 4 days to dry out and then baled up as hay to feed to the horses.

Our busiest spell is when the combine harvester comes out and we start cutting Oilseed Rape. The plants that have bright yellow flowers in April and May yield small black seeds that contain oil which can be used in many things from cooking to biodiesel as well as having a number of industrial uses.

After the Oilseed Rape is finished we start on our main crop which is wheat, the type that we grow is ideal for use in cereal and biscuit production which there is a good market for in this area, much of ours goes in to making weetabix. Once the combine has harvested the grain, we bale a lot of the straw for bedding the animals on. Any thats not needed is chopped and incorporated back into the soil to help the next crop.

After harvest the ground is cultivated and then the next crop is sown. The pictures above show the seed drill in the last field having nearly finished. After we have sown the seeds we roll the fields to firm up the seed bed to help the plants germinate. All we need then is some rain so that they can grow well.

We now have a few weeks a little bit quieter before the Christmas rush, so hopefully I will be able to keep you updated as we prepare to get the cattle and pigs in for winter and start to tackle some winter projects.

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